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​FEB. 11-12 Motor & Drive Systems

Motor & Drive Systems 2020 is focused on the latest technical advancements impacting the design, integration and efficiency of motor, drive systems and motion control for automation, robotics, manufacturing and industrial, as well as utilities and automotive applications.

​FEB. 11-12 Magnetics 2020

MAGNETICS 2020 is a leading global event focused on the latest economic developments and technical advancements in magnetics markets and technologies bringing together worldwide magnetics experts.



Motor & Drive Systems 2020

Orlando, FL.




Orlando, FL.



Advancements in Thermal Management - Denver, CO.

AUG. 6-7 Advancements in Thermal Management 

The Advancements in Thermal Management conference educates attendees on the latest in thermal management and temperature mitigation, covering topics such as electronics cooling, thermal materials/TIMS, air and liquid cooling, heat pipes, temperature sensing and control, electronics packaging, and system design for optimizing thermal properties.





SCADA Technology Summit - Chicago

5G Antenna Systems -

AUG. 26-27 SCADA Technology Summit

The SCADA Technology Summit is a global event focused on the latest technical advancements and economic developments in the SCADA and ICS markets. This unique SCADA Conference is a once-a-year opportunity for professionals involved in SCADA/ICS technologies to learn the latest advancements in applications, new technology, as well as global issues of remote and distributed equipment and facilities.

AUG. 26-27 5G Antenna Systems





AI Manufacturing -


IoT Innovation North America Chicago, Il. 

5G Antenna Systems is solely focused on 5G and Antenna systems. Attend to learn about market opportunities, new 5G Antenna technology and the endless emerging application trends. Topics will include Antenna Design, integration, 5G developments and insights, and supporting technologies for the 5G ecosystem.

AUG. 26-27 AI Manufacturing Conference

Join manufacturing professionals from around the world at AI Manufacturing 2020, August 26-27 in Dallas, Texas, to discover integration strategies, ROI, and best practices. 


In addition to presentations from industry leaders, the two-day event provides extensive networking opportunities, an interactive exhibit hall, and 1x1 meetings. We'll provide a comprehensive program from identifying first steps in AI integration, to expansion and improving ROI. All with the goal to help manufacturers reduce costs and gain a competitive edge.

Sept 16-17 IoT Innovation North America

IoT Innovation North America is a conference specifically focused on the latest, cutting edge, innovative IoT projects and technology on the market. Born from the first IoT event in the United States, IoT North America, this event will cover advanced IoT technologies using artificial intelligence, 5G networks, Blockchain, advanced IoT sensor technology, fiber optics, Big Data, The Cloud, Edge Computing, enhanced security, and more.